Summer is knocking at the door and that means sand, surf, sun and a pile of books with which to relax. It’s time to bask in the beach with some of the most essential beach accessories that you would need at your every yearly trip to the beach.

Wide Sun hats: This fashionable and functional accessory is a wonderful way to protect your face from the rays of the sun on the beach. Wide brim hats will shade you from the sun and is perfect for lounging by the pool. Natural and ecofriendly, these hats are made with 100% recycled paper, sustainable fibers like jute and cotton. They are 100% UV resistant too. Use hats made with natural straw and hemp fabric to accentuate your green fashion statement in summer.

Beach Bags made with jute or cottonCarryGreen bags to accentuate your sense of style in summer. Use bags made with natural fibers like jute, cotton, hemp. A burlap bag is extremely sturdy, durable, ecofriendly and has a rustic look which is perfect for a hot summer beach vacation. Cotton and hemp bags are soft, durable and are long lasting and completely biodegradable. These eco-friendly bags are perfect when you go for shopping or on a night out on a beach vacation.

Ecofriendly Shoes: The beach shoes are not only flip-flops or sandal. If you are planning for hiking or biking on the beach, you need covered shoes which are sturdy as well as comfortable. The footwear industry has adapted to ecofriendly practices by manufacturing comfortable shoes made with natural fibers. The creation of green footwear has incorporated recycled, biodegradable materials like cotton, jute, natural rubber and is reducing carbon footprint on the planet. Made with cotton, jute and natural rubber, these shoes are extremely comfortable to wear on the beach.

Ecofriendly sunglasses: The heat is on! Chose Earth Conscious optic collection made with stainless steel, bamboo and wood. Having a green sunglass helps to make a unique fashion statement, and at the same time it encourages sustainable fashion for a long term.

Cover Ups: Cover-ups come in so many styles, designs and color. For any fashion conscious ladies, it is easy to find one that suits her needs and style. Cover ups that look like sundresses are great for travelling in a beach town for vacations. Try to choose cover ups made with organic cotton which is super comfortable in the sultry summer weather. If you are vacationing in a beach town in between stretch by the water, a maxi dress is a great option. Cover yourself with an attractive colorful sarong on the beach. Make sure you’re slathering your skin with sunscreen and hydrate yourself with plenty of fluids to keep up with the hot summer weather.
With sunny skies, warm winds and soft sands, all these beach essentials are picture-perfect for beach outings. Head for the coast with one of CarryGreen’s colorful cotton sheeting tote bags. CarryGreen’s beach tote bags are offered in a wide kaleidoscope of colors like turquoise blue, hot pink and bright orange. Choose from a selection of variety of imprints on these personalized bags, such as conch shells, anchors and starfish. In addition to beach outings, these everlasting durable bags are great for running errands or shopping.