Jute and burlap (which is often made from jute) are an earth-friendly alternative to both cotton and disposables. They are made from crops that need far less fertilizer or pesticide than cotton, and, unlike plastic, they are biodegradable. A few of our favorite, fashionable jute picks for summer:

  1. Wine a bit. This two-bottle reusable wine tote is great for wrapping hostess gifts.
  2. Day at the beach. You’ll be the most fashionable lady out there with this eco-friendly jute tote bag with cane handles.
  3. Shop smarter. These large shopping bags are the perfect size for veggies, bread, milk and other staples from the grocery store.
  4. Comfort and style. This is what you get with the cotton/jute combination eco friendly bag. The reinforced gusset bag is durable enough to hold travel, beach or other items. The breathable fabric is comfortable to carry even in hot weather.
  5. Skip the wrapping paper. Go green and skip the disposables by packing gifts in this rustic and earth-friendly jute gift bag.
  6. Ring their bells. Instead of wedding favor packets that will go in the trash, use cute jute party favor bags. After the celebration, guests can use them for toiletries, lunch or even as a fun weekend purse.
  7. Share small gifts. Small, eco-friendly gifts like natural soaps are great in these drawstring jute bags.
  8. Eco-friendly is also fun. These burlap tote bags pack a punch of bright color. The zippered closure means that whatever you want to carry stays inside. The breathable walls make it a good place to stash beach towels and suits after a day at the beach or pool.wine gift bags

Jute and burlap are perfect materials for earth-friendly bags. Look for ways to replace the disposables in your life with these stylish alternatives.