Back To School: backpacks and Lunchbags

As summer ends and classes begin, students around the world are starting to get ready for the long haul ahead. A sturdy backpack and a durable lunch tote are absolute essentials for long days at school.  CarryGreen has offered dozens of ecofriendly totes for back to school which will let you tote your school supplies with style.  backtoschool_Bags

Drawstring cotton, jute bags are a great carrier for schools. Unlike monotonous heavy bag packs, kids can carry burlap/cotton drawstring bags which are spacious, lightweight and extremely durable. Drawstring burlap/jute and cotton bags are one of the most versatile, durable natural fibers that are extremely sturdy, strong and have the life expectancy of over a thousand plastic carrier bags. When discarded, jute totally decomposes giving back all its valuable nutrients into the soil. Cotton drawstring bags are also biodegradable. Cotton is a natural fiber that will decompose once it is disposed.  In a landfill, a cotton bag will take about 2-3 months to decompose, where other plastic bags would take up to hundreds of years to decompose. Writing pads, pencil box, books and even iPad and laptops fit perfectly well in the drawstring backpacks. They are sturdy, durable and light as feather.

Healthy lunches are a priority for every kid while plastic and paper bags are convenient, they may not promote healthy lunches for you and your family. In fact, they may be doing more harm than good. CarryGreen has introduced Insulated Snack tote, a premium non-woven polypropylene insulated lunch-style tote with zipper closure. The bag has an interior mesh pocket to hold water bottle, utensils and condiments. Pack fresh food for yourself and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle, save money and help the environment.

These bags are a true balance of form and function. Grab your ecofriendly food containers and pack healthy food for lunch. This eco-friendly carrier replaces plastic and paper bags thereby help reducing carbon footprints on the planet. It is also a great affordable gift for your friends and family.