Some plastics are biodegradable. These materials are manufactured with a chemical base that causes a rapid breakdown.


Traditional plastics breaks down in landfills, however it takes years to see any results. But, it takes only a few months to few years for biodegradable plastics to fully decompose. There are many ways to degrade materials. In landfills, microorganisms actually “eat” the materials. They are broken down by enzymes, and the rate of this process depends on the heat present and the amount of oxygen available. The material itself is the biggest part in deciding how long it takes for the biodegradable process to finish. Biodegradable plastic bags take about 2 to 3 months to decompose. When products that are used in bulk quantity add up, it is probable to have a lot of full landfills that is bad for the environment. Taking smart decisions about product materials will help out the environment and in a lot of cases you wallet too.