“Boho style” is the modern Bohemian way of clothing. It is a fashionable concoction of ethnic designs, mostly harvested from India and Africa. Bohemian fashion is the ultimate expression of your feminine characteristics and free flowing spirit. Boho dresses are always in season and consist of a wide array of style and color. Boho dresses go best with exuberant jewelries and accessories that are natural and ecofriendly. Here are a few tips to obtain a Boho fashion for all seasons.


  1. Vintage style clothing particularly from the 70s could be found in online stores or from auctions. Look for peasant blouses, maxi skirts, scarves, headband, bandannas, flip-flops, accessories.
  2. Shop for vintage accessories in thrift stores or online stores. Wear a lot of bangles for the gypsy look or else you can put on many layers of long, thin and thick necklaces for a Boho chic style.
  3. Boho look surrounds around the essence of earth nature and spirituality. Choose accessories that are natural, ecofriendly. The natural elements can be of anything like shells, beads, stone, wood plants. Choose jewelries made with natural Hemp, jute. Ornaments made with scrap wood residues, recycled glass and other waste materials are made with valuable resources. An ecofriendly ornament like a necklace or earring is always a part of Boho style.
  4.  CarryGreen bags to accentuate your sense of vintage Boho style. Use bags made with natural fibers like jute, cotton, hemp. Having the right color combination is the key in achieving an amazing Boho look. Go for earthy and rich tones, natural, rustic shades of color. A burlap bag is extremely sturdy, durable, ecofriendly and has a rustic look which would complement your Boho clothing style. Cotton and hemp bags are soft,durable and are longlasting and completely biodegradable.

Mix and match these colors until you get the right combination that feels right for you. Look for Boho fashion design of clothing and accessories from thrifts stores, vintage shops, and online retail stores.