Cotton-–-preferred-choice-in-hospitals-and-birthing-centersCotton – preferred choice in hospitals and birthing centers

Cotton is the preferred choice in hospitals and birthing centers; it is very common to see your newborn being swaddled in cotton receiving blankets after birth. Being non-allergenic, it is an excellent choice of material for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies, or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Pediatricians will sometimes suggest using cotton clothing and blankets for babies that have eczema or other skin maladies, before they will encourage using harsh steroidal creams. Dermatologists also recommend wearing and using cotton products. Cotton has high tensile strength therefore can endure high temperatures and be sterilized. It is the only fiber that gets stronger when wet, being highly absorbent for drawing moisture out, providing premium comfort and softness for a happier baby.