We all know that eating vegetables has all kind of health and nutritional benefits. However what you might not know is that agreeing to a more plant based diet uses up less of water and energy than following a meat based diet. Actually, meat is the least energy efficient food on Earth. It requires a vast amount of water to set it up for human consumption, which in turn causes a lot of wastage. In order to produce a mere pound of beef, it requires approximately 2,500 gallons of water. Furthermore, livestock produces 130 times the wastage of humans – that is a lot of manure!eatyourveggies

Actually livestock produces 11 billion pounds of slurry waste, sludge, and manure every year. The very same waste in turn releases endotoxins, volatile organic compounds (VOC), hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Methane, which happens to be a prominent greenhouse gas, causes global warming. The farm animal industry is itself responsible for 20 % of the methane in atmosphere. Therefore, give it a thought – eliminate or try to reduce the intake of meat in your diet and adopt a more veggie based diet. Not only is eating more veggies healthy for you, it also helps the planet.