Eco-friendly Gift Ideas – Flaunt Your Commitment to the Future of the Planet

Did you know that according to USAToday, at least 75% of consumers prefer to make lifestyle choices that reduce their impact on planet Earth? It will also interest you to know that around the time of any holidays or events for exchanging presents, Americans are now opting for eco-friendly gift ideas and innovative ways of giving them that will minimize the impact on the environment. If you’re one of the citizens committed to doing their bit for their country, here are a few quick tips on how to make that happen.

Cut Back on the Wasted Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

Pretty, colored paper with shiny prints wrapping your gifts is oh so attractive. Whether you’re the giver or the recipient, opening presents is an exciting time. The trouble with the paper is that it contains a high percentage of plastic which makes it unsuitable for recycling. As a result, all those wrapping materials end up in landfills polluting the environment and taking decades, maybe, centuries to decompose. Statistics show that during the Holiday season, an added 1 million tons of waste makes its way into the trash each week.

It’s time to eliminate this waste!

The next time you’re planning a thoughtful gift for a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, consider using an eco-friendly gift idea. Place the present in a reusable bag made with cotton or burlap. Do keep in mind that such bags need not be dull-looking and uninteresting. You can choose to have them personalized with the recipient’s name and a loving message. Choose a pretty icon that uses your friend’s initials intertwined with flowers or artistic calligraphy. Instantly, you’ll have an excellent gift idea where not just the token but also the wrapping can be used for future shopping expeditions or even for storage. A good example is a wine bag to hold an expensive bottle you’ve chosen.

Choose Gifts that are Made with Natural Materials

When picking out the gift, make sure it is made with sustainable materials that will not poison the earth at the end of its lifecycle. Opt for eco-friendly gifts ideas that are made from organic components. Aside from natural fibers, choose items made with wood, earthenware, ceramics, silk, wax, and paper. Like, for example, tote bags and boutique bags. Even if you wish to present a warm, fuzzy sweater or a pretty nightdress, you can find various companies that sell you items that are made with 100% organic materials. Do keep in mind that you’ll not only prevent toxins from reaching the earth, but you’ll also protect the health of your loved ones by avoiding the use of plastics and synthetic fabrics.

Did you know that each time you wash a piece of clothing, minute fibers separate from the garment and make their way into the wastewater? This water eventually makes its way to rivers and then, to the oceans. If the fibers are natural, they will biodegrade and vanish. But, if they are synthetics, they’ll remain in the waters for centuries clogging the seas and ending up in the food chain when swallowed by tiny ocean creatures.

Pick Out Gifts that Can be Used Multiple Times

Should you choose eco-friendly gift ideas that can be used and reused multiple times, you’ll add two positives to the token. The users will have a handy item that will last a good long while. And, each time, they pull it out, they’ll remember the person who chose to buy them. Chances are that your friends and family members think like you and sincerely appreciate a gift that will minimize the carbon footprint on the planet. Looking for examples? Think bottles made with stainless steel or glass. Or, consider gifting washable pouches for holding cosmetics, jewelry, and other knickknacks. You can also pick out small and large towels made with cotton.

Finding Appropriate Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas is Not Really Difficult

While you’ll want to design the gift around the profession or special interests of the recipients, with a little imagination, finding appropriate items is not all that difficult. Is your family member managing a successful corporate career? Then, plan for a smart portfolio with a fabric or faux leather covering. Such folders have plenty of pockets for documents, a tablet, cellphone, stylus, and perhaps, a few visiting cards. However, if you’re looking for a gift for a student, consider presenting a folder that can carry lots of documents and some added stationery. Encourage the habit of minimalism with a gift of a vacuum insulated thermos flask for bringing coffee from home. Such gifts are great for professionals and students.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly gift idea for a young school child? You can take your pick from green backpacks and beverage bottles made with stainless steel or BPA-friendly aluminum. Such gifts can be washed and reused many times over. If not backpacks, insulated bags for bringing lunch to school is another smart option. You can also surprise and thrill a young nephew or niece with a towel carrying the images of a favorite superhero or action figure.

Infuse a Touch of Warmth into the Gift with Handmade Goodies

One of the most interesting eco-friendly gift ideas is making the token yourself and infusing it with lots of love and warmth instead of presenting a store-bought, mass-produced item. Bake cookies or make any edible sweet treats like chocolate candy that you know the recipient absolutely loves. You could also consider making jams or special sauces for adding to pasta. Pack them in reusable mason jars and present in a fabric bag.

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