Although it first originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras is a much-loved event that the entire country celebrates with every city having its own brand of festivities and merriment. Meaning “Fat Tuesday” in French, the event marks the days of feasting and merriment before the fasting period of Lent. In case you’re preparing to join in the fun for the first time, know that the typical theme will be colors of green for faith, gold for power, and dark purple for power.

As for the costumes, you can go all out with feathers, boas, gaily-painted masks that are worn or carried on sticks, and of course, the signature balloons, beads, doubloons, and necklaces. Look forward to collecting the giveaway gifts for Mardi Gras celebrations that may be handed out from the floats as they pass the streets.

Mardi Gras Hostess Gifts

Given that many families host dinners in their homes for friends and family members, it is now customary to bring the hostess some gifts for Mardi Gras celebrations as a token of your appreciation for the meal. For instance, you could think about getting your hostess beverage glasses that she can use for serving drinks to thirsty guests. Or, maybe, wine glasses that can accompany a painstakingly prepared meal. Eco-friendly runners for the dining table or buffet table or throw cushions for the sofas are other gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

In case the hostess has guests staying over for the festivities, she may also welcome towels whether they are kitchen towels or just the regular bath towels. Of course, you can always get the gifts customized with gay prints and Mardi Gras colors that the recipient will cherish and remember you by. As a very special gift, how about bringing her a beautiful glass jewelry box or a vase to display the flowers her guests may bring. You can always get it customized with an inscription of your hostess’ name or a stylish monogram.

Mardi Gras Dinner Menus

Are you thinking of pitching in with some of the food for the Mardi Gras party? If you’ve received a formal invitation for the party, aside from the usual tokens and perhaps, a bottle or two of wine, you could offer to bring a cooked dish or two. Not sure what to bring? Well, the traditional Mardi Gras food includes Jambalaya, Creole Crab Cakes, Pancakes, Seafood Gumbo, Shrimp and Grits, Red Beans and Rice, Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee, Dirty Rice, and Pralines. As for the beverages, take your pick from Hurricane drinks or Milk Punch.

Mardi Gras Party Favors

If you’re the host of the Mardi Gras party, you’ll want to round off a fun evening with party favors and return gifts for Mardi Gras celebrations. You can create an entire hamper for your guests to take home. For instance, consider adding chocolates, nuts, candies, and mints. Or, try individually-wrapped cookies decorated with pretty ribbons in colors of gold, dark purple, and green. Given that Hurricane drinks are the themed drinks of the season, you cannot go wrong with little packets of the mix along with tumblers so guests can make and carry them around. Choose BPA-free reusable bottles and containers made with stainless steel and glass that are absolutely safe to use. And, don’t forget the customary slice of the King Cake. One of your guests could be lucky enough to get the baby figurine.

Wondering how to present the goodies? Pick out a reusable tote bag made with eco-friendly materials. Get them printed with a memorable message and pack in the gifts for the Mardi Gras celebrations. The tote bags themselves make great keepsakes that your guests can use again and again. Check out the exciting range of boutique bags, shopping bags, polycotton bags, cotton bags, and many others at the CarryGreen store, and you will be spoiled for choice. Go ahead and order them in the colors of Mardi Gras or choose to get them imprinted with a beautiful golden mask logo. The possibilities are endless.

The Mardi Gras Parade

Traditionally, people would plan for days in advance to be present for the parade or take part in it. And, the residents living on the main street where the parade was scheduled to pass would open their homes for the visitors to camp out. If you intend to take advantage of the hospitality of one such family, you would want to present some gifts for the Mardi Gras celebrations when you arrive. Thoughtful and useful gifts can help the family manage the revelry in their homes. As noted above, you can’t go wrong with food, beverages, towels, and other basics that can be used around the house.

Like any seasoned reveler will tell you, the best gifts for Mardi Gras celebrations that you can give your hosts is to be model guests. Inform them well in advance of your arrival and don’t overstay your welcome. Observe bathroom etiquette of leaving it clean for the next person to use and respecting hints that indicate your hosts would like to lock up and leave to see the parade. When you leave, it is common courtesy to share some of the throws from the floats. Carry a nice tote and fill it with the giveaways especially to present to your host family.

Looking for More Ideas for Gifts for Mardi Gras Celebrations?

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