Using trade shows as a marketing strategy is considered one of the most effective tools out there. Given that such events are organized to promote a particular industry, chances are that only your target audience is attending the trade show. This factor helps you narrow down the scope of your marketing efforts towards the right prospective buyers. All that remains now is to create the ideal lasting impression that acts as the perfect takeaway from the event – giveaway gifts.

When you give out some items carrying your company logo, you ensure that the visitor remembers the first perception you created of your business. You will be building goodwill and awareness for your brand name and the products you’re selling. Most important, the gifts will have the company contact information printed on them. When your customers are ready to place an order, they won’t have to search around for your contact details that can be an email address or phone number.

Use Giveaway Gift Ideas to Outline Your Company’s Ethos

Should you choose eco-friendly bags and reusable items as giveaway gifts, you’ll indicate that your company is dedicated to sustainable practices and adopts a green approach in its operations. It might interest you to know that given the option to buy products from green companies and their competitors, at least 53% of consumers are more likely to support businesses that care about the environment. Handing out a reusable shopping bag or tote along with other items made with recyclable materials tells your consumers that a green, healthy earth is high on your list of priorities.

Co-ordinate the Giveaways with Your Company Products

The giveaway gift ideas you choose should say something about your company products. For instance, you can promote a new line of products you have just released or use the gifts to introduce a contemporary, unusual theme. Say, for instance, you’re a sports nutrition company that sells health drinks and high-energy formulas which can build strength and stamina in athletes. A great choice of giveaways would be refillable bottles made of BPA-free aluminum or stainless steel bottles that consumers can use for sipping on during training sessions.

Let’s try another example. You develop and market high-end cosmetics and skincare products that are organic and won’t cause allergies and adverse reactions. What better way to present your offerings than with a collection of ultra-chic pouches that can hold the skincare range. Such gifts are sure to appeal to all women including female corporate professionals who travel a lot on business. Or, let’s say, your company caters to school-goers and markets cool stationery. Choose the eco-friendly selection of school bags and backpacks to entice buyers.

Giveaway Gifts can Promote the Company Brand Name and Slogan

An average customer visiting a tradeshow is going to come across hundreds of stalls and tables advertising products and related add-ons in more or less the same niche. Giveaways can help visitors remember your company and brand name, and why they liked what they saw about the products. Checking through the gifts later at home makes recipients relive that valuable first impression you created. For this reason, it is essential that you have the company logo, brand name, slogan, and phone number printed boldly on the gift you’ve chosen. Make sure the message clearly indicates what your company is all about and projects why you’re better than the competition.

Complimentary Gifts Help You Differentiate Your Audience

Whatever may be the niche in which your company works, you can use giveaway gift ideas to touch a cord in the particular shopper. To build on an earlier example, say, you sell school stationery and other supplies. If it’s a mom visiting your stall, her giveaway could be a cushion, a set of napkins, or even a pouch. But, if it’s a dad you’re pitching to, close off with a stylish pen, drinking cup, or reusable bottle. Kids accompanying their parents can always be won over with cookies and a small box of chocolates.

Similarly, use gifts to help you later identify the status of your visitor. For instance, if you’re interacting with a business owner who could be looking to collaborate with your company with a B2B deal, you can consider handing him a high-grade corporate folder. But, if the visitor is representing a company as an employee, you can offer a coffee mug or reusable bottle. For every other casual guest who is just browsing through, a pen or box of mints would be just fine. Remember, it is perfectly reasonable to request for and give out visiting cards to the attendees of the tradeshow.

Work Out the Budget of Your Giveaway Strategy

Before you place the order for your giveaway gifts, you may want to work out the budget for your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the quality of the giveaway and its actual usefulness can reflect on the standard of your company. For this reason, you must always choose high-grade gifts even if it means spending an extra buck. Another wise move is to place orders for the gifts in bulk, so you can continue to use them for other events and trade shows that you attend at a later date.

Devise Novel Techniques to Make Visitors Come Back

As a marketer struggling to maintain that all-important edge over the competition, you may want to make sure that each visitor makes at least one more stop at your booth. Two or three visits to a stall can help the guest remember better why your company and its products are more appealing than the others. Come up with new and interesting ideas to make that happen. For instance, plan a demonstration of how your product works. Give out Thank-you cards that entitle the visitor to a gift at closing time. Or, request people to take a quick 5-question survey. Relay your thanks with an attractive giveaway.

Tradeshows are a great way to gain visibility for your company and offer you a valuable opportunity to place your products where prospective consumers can find you easily. Use giveaway gift ideas to build on the great impression you create of your business so that the audience keeps coming back for more.

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