Summer is always a popular time for weddings. Many couples like to give gifts to the people who serve in the wedding party. They may also want to give their guests a token gift as a reminder of the special day. Instead of using disposable gift wrap , paper or plastic bags or other things that are likely to wind up in the landfill, consider going green with wedding favor bags, or with wine gift bags for the wedding party. Customize the gift bags with the logo you choose to use for your wedding. You can even include your names and the date of the ceremony. If you’re looking for unique wedding ideas, consider some of these suggestions for wedding favors or wedding party gifts.

Wedding Party Gifts

When you want to give a gift to your wedding party, it can be hard to find a suitable gift for bridesmaids and groomsmen. One way to eliminate any confusion or to take the hassle out of shopping is by giving everyone the same thing. Wine is a lovely gift that the members of your wedding party can enjoy at their leisure.

An attractive jute burlap single bottle wine bag is the perfect way to present a single bottle of a favorite wine. You can even make it special by adding your name and wedding date to the bag. Your recipient has a gift to remember your special day, long after they finish the wine. If you decide to give your wedding party more personal gifts, put the gifts in the mini jute wedding party gift bag. Dress it up by adding your wedding logo and the date of your special day.

Wedding Favor Bags

If you’re giving your guests some token wedding favors, but don’t want to spend a lot on jute or cotton bags, recycled paper is a practical alternative. The unusual shape of the recycled matte laminated paper bag is sure to make your wedding favors stand out. If you prefer a more conventional shaped bag, the glossy paper bag will give your wedding favors that eye-popping look that captures guests hearts.

Regardless of the type of bags your need to hold wedding gifts or favors, don’t consider anything that isn’t green. Carry Green is the source for green totes – for green folks!