With emerald green being the signature birthstone for May babies, giving someone a green and eco-friendly bag is the ideal gift. It adds a whole new meaning to the sparkling emerald stone.

Warm spring and summer skies are the ideal times for a beach rendezvous, and beach tote bags are a must-have. Choose from a wide array of beach tote bags in different styles, shapes and sizes. Our eco-friendly jute fashion bag with cane handles is ideal for beachgoers who sport a trendy look. It’s both casual, charming and holds all the beach essentials like towel, suntan lotion and paperback books. This beach tote bag is made from natural materials and is sustainable. Like all of our beach tote bags, it features the best grade of raw materials and quality stitching.

Other great gift ideas for May babies include our personalized bags. With custom printing available, have a special message printed or the birthday person’s name written right on the bag. Ourpersonalized bags are a great way to send a special message to show affection. The eco-friendly jute/burlap tote bag is one of our burlap tote bags that can be used anywhere. Have custom printing done, and this cosmopolitan bag can be used for shopping, carrying books and meeting friends for lunch. With its cotton rope handle in a bright teal color, it’s sure to turn heads. It’s a functional and fashionable accessory and made to protect the eco-system.

From wine totes and reusable bags to burlap tote bags and personalized bags, every bag at Carry Green is made from recyclable natural materials, features excellent workmanship and is a trendsetter. We’ve got the bags for May babies who are both fashion conscious and environmentally conscious. It’s the best of both worlds for a cleaner planet.