The approaching summer months mark the beginning of sowing seeds and planting herbs in the garden. A garden in a burlap sack is an interesting hobby that can be cultivated for city home dwellers with little or no outdoor space. This innovative concept of Burlap gardening has derived from Africa and gathering popularity for its low cost, sustainable nature. Burlap is the cheapest natural fiber available. If you live in an apartment or condo which is less spacious, burlap gardening is perfect for you. You can grow herbs, lettuce, and peppers tomatoes in a burlap sack.

Burlap or jute fabric is biodegradable recyclable and a sustainable resource. The fabric is very durable and has the life span of over thousand plastic bags.  Jute is known for its strength. It is a renewable and sustainable resource.  It is 100% biodegradable. When discarded, jute totally decomposes, returning valuable nutrients back into soil. Recycled burlap/jute bags can be a sustainable alternative to plastic bags which are causing tremendous harm to the environment.

Burlap has many uses in the garden. Use organic breathable un-laminated jute bags for burlap gardening. Here are the steps for planting seeds in the garden using burlap. Sow the seeds following the package instructions. Lay burlap fabric over the seeds. Water frequently when the soil becomes dry. When the seeds germinate remove burlap. For a starter plant like pepper, herbs or sweet potato, take a burlap unlaminated bag, pour organic compost or any nutrient rich soil and a large yogurt or coffee container with the bottom removed. Put the soil in the bag, plant the tree with the container as its base and fill the sack. Put root plant on top and herbs on the sides. Burlap lets water and oxygen nutrients back in the soil and it thoroughly blocks weed. It protects the plant from erosion and keeps the plant warm in winter and moisturized in summer.

Wrap your plants in the winter using burlap fabric. It will protect your plants against the harsh winter blues. Your adorable plants will love a cozy warm burlap blanket wrapping around them.