Organizing and decluttering your house teach you and your family to be disciplined.  You learn to be structured in the process and eventually you save time and money. Organization brings peace and serenity into your life. Here are some tips to declutter your house in an ecofriendly way.Declutter-yourhouse

Choose a particular corner to declutter: Chose a particular corner of the room to work with. Do not get distracted by the whole house. For example if you find a fork at one corner of a room, keep it aside for a while. Focus on your area of work and then return the kitchen item when you head towards the kitchen.

Do not get overwhelmed: Sometimes decluttering your house can be an overwhelming task. The target is to set a goal like 4 days to finish the project. And slow down. Do not work more than 3 hours at a stretch, Take a break in between.

Use reusable bags to put donation items: If you find large number of small items for donations. Use a reusable cotton laundry bag to put all the items. Hang it in your closet and donate whenever you can.

Use reusable jute bags to hang your shoes. Hang the durable jute bags inside your shoe closets. Put your daily shoes in it. Jute absorbs dirt and grime more easily than any other fabric. Your house will look neat and clean if you follow this technique.

Try to be paper free: Scan the items you need to keep like receipts and statements and recycle the rest of the paper.

Organize your children’s room: If you child plays baseball and soccer, put all her sporting gear in one big reusable durable bag. Organize your child’s staff according to the need. Ecofriendly Jute and cotton bags are sturdy enough for organizing books, toys, school supplies, or even personal belongings like clothes or makeup.

Let it go: Do not get too emotionally attached to your belongings. For clothing, ask yourself if they fit and look good on you. If not, simply donate your clothing to charity.


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