Biodegradable leaf collecting sacks made of jute are especially used for composting and are perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and want to recycle nature. Rake the leaves, place in the bags, made of totally recyclable, decomposing material called jute, pile them in a corner of the yard or better yet the garden to be used as soil enhancement next season. leaf_sack03These sacks are hassle free, no double work of collecting then piling, only to have them blow away. Put the leaves in the large jute sacks and take them where you want extra soil nutrients for next growing season. The sacks degrade at the same rate as the leaves letting the leaves stay right where you put them, not scattered about by the wind, dogs, vermin or other critters. These bags or sacks as they are called are great for someone who is environmentally conscious but doesn’t want to maintain garden composters full time or even if you do not have enough space to keep garden composting bins you can still save space in the landfill and fertilize your lawn or garden and at the same time follow codes for inside city limits.