Jute rugs are extensively sold all over the world because of a combination of impressive appearance and durability. Made of natural fiber and chemical free, these rugs add credit to its popularity as well. Jute fibers are naturally anti-static and have moisture regulating and insulating properties. These rugs have a luxurious texture and are very soft as compared to other types of area rugs. They are not exactly hard wearing and hence can be used on low foot traffic areas or bedroom floor where a soft feel to the foot is needed. However, jute can also be woven in complex patterns in order to create bold and sturdily textured rug that can endure high foot traffic.juterugs

Like most of the other area rugs, jute rugs too get stained easily and do not put up with damn conditions. They shouldn’t be placed anywhere where frequent spills might occur, for example a bathroom or a kitchen where moisture is forever present. Any spill should be immediately wiped up with a clean cloth and the rug should be naturally dried. If you are looking for a trendy looking rug, jute rugs would be a perfect choice. These rugs are made from natural fiber and they complement contemporary design trends.