Kenaf is still not a household name. Recycling is king but not kenaf, nor any of the other plant fiber alternatives to wood pulping for that matter. We recycle, but we pay very little attention to finding the ultimate alternative to using trees for making paper products. There has been very little progress in telling the world about this crop and its myriad uses. And that is a real shame because the benefits derived from growing, distributing and making paper products out of kenaf are so obvious that even consumers who are not researchers or specialists cannot dispute them. Nowadays, there is an even greater urgency to find the best possible solutions to our ever-worsening environmental situation. Just as alternatives to fossil fuels are being aggressively researched, alternatives to wood pulping for paper products must also be pursued with equal commitment. Raising awareness, governmental support, and funding that could change habits, perspectives and attitudes are all required now.Kenaf-–-alternative-to-wood-pulp