Planning for the Memorial Day Weekend? Fun Stuff for the Holiday

Aren’t you eagerly looking forward to Memorial Day? Like most Americans, you probably have plans to make the most of the three-day weekend. Many people like to enjoy the holiday as a prelude to a fun-filled summer vacation that they’ll be taking soon. But, before talking about all that you intend to cram into the long weekend, let’s talk about how this special event originated in the country.

The First Memorial Day was on May 30, 1967

It will interest you to know that the first Memorial Day was celebrated in 1967 in possibly Charleston though various other cities also claim credit for the first celebration. In any case, Congress passed the Uniform Holiday Act in 1968 and designated the last Monday of every May. That’s the day when the country would remember the sacrifices that American soldiers made for their country. Fast-forward to present times and people now take the time to explain the significance of the holiday to their kids. Add excitement to the festivities by organizing picnics or garden barbecue parties and invite lots of friends and family over to celebrate. Alternatively, you could plan a road trip to a beach destination or any other place where you can have fun.

Supplies for a Barbecue Party

Given that Memorial Day falls on May 27th this year, you have plenty of time to collect the supplies for your barbecue. In place of disposable dinnerware and glasses that can damage the environment, switch to reusable glasses, mugs, tumblers, and other drinkware made with sustainable glass. If you absolutely must use unbreakable sippers and mugs for your little guests, choose items that are free of BPA.

How about having the utensils customized for Memorial Day with patriotic messages? Should you contact the consultants at, they’ll help you with suggestions of inscriptions on the drinkware that commemorates the holiday. And, while you’re browsing the site, do remember to order a couple of umbrellas to shade your friends from the sun.

Supplies for a Picnic

The exciting thing about picnics is that you don’t need to travel far which can be a challenge if you have young kids. Just pack a basket with food and beverages and pile into a car. Head for a park near your home, choose a shady spot where you can spread a blanket, and you can have a wonderful afternoon with the children playing around. Pick out spacious totes bags that you can later reuse for shopping and carrying groceries. And, if you need spill-proof bottles to carry drinks, you can find a whole bunch of them. To keep the drinks chilled, you’ll need vacuum-insulated thermos flasks. Also, pick out sippers and tumblers for the kids to sip on without spilling. Planning a beach picnic? Make sure to order beach towels and bags to bring swimsuits, napkins, lotions, SPFs, and other gear.

Supplies for a Pool Party

The best way to celebrate a summer event is with a pool party. Celebrate this long weekend by inviting your friends over for a cooling dip in your pool. Think chilled drinks served in Margarita glasses, Martini glasses, and Whisky glasses and an evening soiree lit with fairy lights beside the pool. Bring out ice cold beer in Beer steins and mix other drinks in cocktail shakers to serve your guests. You’ll find all these supplies at go ahead and order with just a click of a button.

Supplies for a Camping Trip

If you and your family love the outdoors, you could plan a camping trip for this Memorial Day weekend. While spending a whole three days in the woods is an awesome way to spend a holiday, you could also opt for a shorter day-long trip to a location close by.

Bring along meals wrapped in tinfoil that you can warm over a campfire along with cool beverages in thermos flasks that keep them chilled. If the camping site has regulations against making an open fire, pack cold food into mason jars and carry along. You’d be surprised at the variety of items that keep well in mason jars. For instance, granola mixes, salads, cakes, brownies, cookies, and other desserts. You can also bring along grilled meat to pack into buns for instant sandwiches.

Have a memorable camping holiday with your kids. They may end up cherishing the experience and perhaps, recapture it with their own children years down the line.

Supplies for Arts and Crafts Parties for Little Ones

Even if the weather does not allow you to plan a trip for the holiday, you can have an exciting party for kids and keep them busy. Organize an arts and crafts party for kids and invite their friends. Spread out newspapers and hand out items like Popsicle sticks, glitter, glue, stars, circles, paper hats and glasses, and a whole array of other supplies. Enjoy the fun your guests have as they let their imaginations go wild. Serve drinks in sippers and tumblers and dry snacks to keep up the energy levels of young inventors, artists, and budding craft geniuses.

Plan a Treat for Veterans

Your Memorial Day celebrations would not be complete without a warm gesture for the veterans who have served your country. Should you conduct a little research, you’ll find many institutions in your city that are dedicated to supporting the needs of soldiers and their families.

While you can always make a cash donation online, this year, consider doing something more heartfelt. Put together a hamper with chocolate, cookies, candied nuts, and other edible treats and drop it off at the nearest office. Inscribe the packaging with a sincere “Thank You!” message to show your appreciation.

If you’re planning a Memorial Day weekend, you’ll be amazed at the many possibilities for a fun-filled time. With the right supplies, you can commemorate a national holiday while at the same time do your bit for the environment. For more information, do contact us at CarryGreen. You can also talk to our consultants by calling this number: 888-743-3129. Place your orders today!

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