St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas – Wear Green, Avoid a Pinch

Although an Irish tradition to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, the festival has long been a part of American celebrations. When the Irish arrived as immigrants in the New World, they brought the tradition with them. Today, St. Pat’s Day is celebrated with as much fervor as the first Irish in the country. In most states, you’ll probably have the opportunity to see parades and various other festivities with lots of St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas doing the rounds. Incidentally, New York was the first city to host a parade in the year, 1762.

People in modern-day America have their own ways of enjoying the festival like wearing green, singing Irish songs, drinking traditional beverages, eating authentic Irish foods, and searching for three and four-leaf clovers. Of course, pinching friends and family members who aren’t wearing green in perfectly acceptable on March 17th each year. That’s because having the color green on you is the best way to avoid being noticed by leprechauns, even if you have just a ribbon pinned on you. For kids, putting on something green for school and learning about Ireland could be an interesting way to celebrate.

While working out St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas is not really the norm, many stores and business establishments may follow the custom of giving out small tokens and keepsakes to commemorate the day and use the favors to promote their brand name. You could also put together a small basket of green goodies to give out as favors in case you’re having a party at home. Let’s see now. How will you be celebrating St. Pat this year?

Throw a St. Pat’s Day Party at Home

Parties are all about getting together with friends for some good food, drinks, and lots of laughter. If you’re thinking of having a party, you’ll want to have an Irish theme with servings of dishes like a Shepherd’s Pie with beef and vegetables with a topping of mashed potatoes. The Colcannon, Dublin coddle, and Irish Boxty are other favorites of the season accompanied with the time-worn Irish soda bread. As for the drinks, Irish whiskey goes without special mention. But, to serve them, you’ll need special glasses imprinted with icons like leprechaun hats, shamrocks, and four-leaf clovers in shades of green.

If you’re planning party favors, how about putting together a “green” tote bag with St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas that are green in color or inscribed with special logos. In addition to the basic pens, styluses, and drinking cups, you can always add small packs of candies, chocolate, nuts, mints and gums, and cookies packaged in single servings. Smart all-purpose pouches and kits are other gifts your guests are sure to like.

Throw a St. Pat’s Day After-Work Party

Given that having after work parties is a good team-building exercise, schedule one for March 17th using St. Pat’s Day as an excuse. Serve Irish beer brands like Beamish & Crawford, Harp, Smithwick’s, and Murphy’s in special beer steins imprinted with the company logo artistically entwined with icons of the season. As for party tokens and other St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas, your employees are sure to appreciate pens, styluses, and perhaps, pad folios and portfolios. You can also encourage the “going green” policy by giving out eco-friendly reusable bottles for bringing hot and cold beverages to work.

Giveaways for Your Store

Use St. Pat’s Day to attract footfall to your store with giveaways matching the possible interests of shoppers and the value of the shopping they’re doing. You can also talk about giving out the tokens on your website along with discount deals depending on the audience you’re targeting.

For Kids:

Does your store stock stationery, toys, books, clothes, or other items for kids? Then, the perfect giveaways could include St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas such as eco-friendly backpacks carrying messages and logos commemorating the patron saint of Ireland. If not backpacks, you can also consider insulated packs that kids can use for bringing lunch to school. Light-weight BPA-free aluminum bottles are other great gifts for beverages.

For Female Shoppers

Similarly, ladies buying cosmetics would love pouches that can carry the items. And, if they’re making a large purchase, sweeten the deal with a tote bag to accompany future shopping expeditions. Trendy jewelry boxes or kits, boutique bags, and denier bags in the classic green are sure to impress your female clientele. Kitchen towels and smaller face towels are other all-time hits as are runners and cushions made with biodegradable materials like cotton and burlap. Now those are classic environment-friendly St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas that are all about celebrating going “green.”

For Vacationers

With summer coming up soon, you could attract the customer base planning beach vacations or pool parties. Again, depending on the size of the purchase, choose large beach towels with prints of Saint Patrick or the rolling landscape of Ireland. Should you check the various online stores, you’re sure to find bags that can carry all the gear essential for a fun-filled holiday with sunbathing, sand castles, and sparkling ocean waters. Order them with requests to have your brand logo printed on them along with a message of thanks for shopping at your store. Do keep in mind that shoppers like to display their branded gifts from high-end stores to make a statement. You could just provide them with just that excuse to flaunt their purchases of your brand. Have you just spotted a couple of St Patrick’s Day gift ideas that really appeal to you? Would you like to know more about how you can use the ideas to promote your store or brand or even, make friends happy with party favors? How about you call us at this number: 888-743-3129? You’ll reach the experienced consultants at our online store Go ahead and talk to them for more exciting ways to celebrate St. Pat’s Day this year. We can even take your ideas and give them a special twist to make them all the more unique.

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