Environmental friendly people want to be seen and associated with natural fabric bags. Available in natural and soft hues, some bags ooze concern and class. Multicolored printed bags, patchwork bags, embossed and embroidered bags are everybody’s favorite. 63381-Combo

In bag related trade shows, latest fashion trend and a lot of design elements are revealed. Some bags are attractive, featuring a braided ribbons, embroidered beads, or corsage as decoration, whereas others are more glitzy, featuring sea shells, wooden beads or rhinestones. There are bags for all occasions and outfits. Some bags can be paired with skirts and dresses for a more feminine and softer look, while others go well with pants and short-sleeved jackets. CarryGreen.com is a web-based store with prices lower than the rest of the competition. They have a huge selection of totes from jute and cotton to canvas and non-woven bags.