Camping is the ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors and get one with nature. For both function and comfort, there are six camping essentials that should be included in your gear.

The first is a tent. It should have pockets to hold gear and be easy to pitch. Choosing a tent that can sleep double the party will ensure enough space to relax. A sleeping bag is second on the list. For ultimate comfort, it should be about six inches longer than your height and have a temperature rating to keep you toasty on those cool summer nights.

So you’re not left in the dark, the next smart item to pack is a lantern. For convenience, one that is chargeable from the car is a good pick. If you’re planning on some hiking, a set of walkie talkies will help keep everyone in touch. For some grub, a portable grille will come in handy for breakfast, lunch and dinner around the campfire.

The sixth essential is sturdy bags to hold and store items like clothing, books, maps, cooking utensils and much more. These bags will also be helpful in keeping personal items off the ground. Use them to collect laundry and even hold wet sneakers. At Carry Green, we offer a large selection ofpersonalized tote bags and burlap tote bags for the task. With our personalized bags, company logos and individual names can be imprinted for a personal touch.

Our reusable burlap tote bags are large and made with sturdy grommets and rope handles. Made of a strong natural jute fiber, there’s no need to worry about these bags breaking. It’s also made of a biodegradable fiber, so you can camp in an eco-friendly style. You’ll be helping preserve the environment of those natural camping grounds. Another great pick for your camping adventure is ourthree-wine bottle burlap tote bags. Enjoy some friendly libations while camping.