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Ecofriendly bags and reusable totes have become popular promotional products that are used in election campaigns for good reasons. Bans on plastic bags have become the norm nationwide and by giving away these logo tote bags, candidates in the election …

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Jute rugs are extensively sold all over the world because of a combination of impressive appearance and durability. Made of natural fiber and chemical free, these rugs add credit to its popularity as well. Jute fibers are naturally anti-static and …

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It is said that if every consumer on a daily basis, starts to knowingly link their purchase to the consumption of limited resources of Earth, and takes responsibility of their own consumption of resources, we might be able to live …

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3 Natural Fibers for Sustainability Natural fibers are great substances that are spun into ropes or thread great in producing fabulous items such as bags, rugs, carpet, carriers, and upholstery. Natural fibers are extracted from the plants and are divided …

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Summer is here. With bright sun and warm weather, it is the perfect time to make eco-friendly changes to your apartment. These green ecofriendly tips are simple to execute, and they’ll have a positive and long lasting impact on both …

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           “Boho style” is the modern Bohemian way of clothing. It is a fashionable concoction of ethnic designs, mostly harvested from India and Africa. Bohemian fashion is the ultimate expression of your feminine characteristics and free flowing spirit. Boho dresses …


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Going green is the only motto that should be followed for a cleaner better environment. But sometimes going green could be expensive. Organic natural food are way expensive than regular varieties. Hybrid cars are extremely costly than fuel efficient cars. …

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