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Eco-friendly Gift Ideas – Flaunt Your Commitment to the Future of the Planet Did you know that according to USAToday, at least 75% of consumers prefer to make lifestyle choices that reduce their impact on planet Earth? It will also …

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Although it first originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras is a much-loved event that the entire country celebrates with every city having its own brand of festivities and merriment. Meaning “Fat Tuesday” in French, the event marks the days …

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Biodegradable leaf collecting sacks made of jute are especially used for composting and are perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and want to recycle nature. Rake the leaves, place in the bags, made of totally recyclable, decomposing material called …

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           “Boho style” is the modern Bohemian way of clothing. It is a fashionable concoction of ethnic designs, mostly harvested from India and Africa. Bohemian fashion is the ultimate expression of your feminine characteristics and free flowing spirit. Boho dresses …


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Organizing and decluttering your house teach you and your family to be disciplined.  You learn to be structured in the process and eventually you save time and money. Organization brings peace and serenity into your life. Here are some tips …

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