Many people are shockingly still not aware that wood and wood products come from living forests. From the cutting of huge tracts of forests to the poisoning of the rivers and streams with chlorine and dioxin run-off from paper mills, making paper from wood just does not make a lot of sense, especially in this day and age. If people were aware that they could have a high quality paper product that would not become brittle or yellow with age, that could be made cheaply and would do less harm to the environment, real changes might begin to rumble through the papermaking industry. The word needs to be spread. The idea has to take hold. People need to be educated first, and then encouraged to act on their knowledge and convictions. TreeFree-248x248

Today, research continues in a number of countries as industries and organizations explore the effects of kenaf cultivation, pulping and paper production. Companies that make 100percent kenaf, acid-free paper, chlorine-free, and tree-free, or products from these environmentally friendly alternatives have been springing up. With a little bit of effort a consumer who wants to buy “green” can now find greeting cards, stationery, paper, and a lot of other products all made from 100percent kenaf.