Various Uses of Paper Bags

The statistics provided by the Sierra Club has shown that Americans dispose of over 100 billion plastic shopping bags per year. Among these bags only one to three percent is being recycled. That is the primary reason most grocery stores in the US are adopting the practice of selling their items in paper bags or reusable Non-Woven Polypropylene totes. Paper bags are multifunctional and are thoroughly recyclable, biodegradable. The followings are the various uses of paper bags

  1. Create wrapping paper for gifts

If you do not have the time to buy wrapping paper from the store, here is a quick trick for making your own wrapping paper. If you have a gloss paper bag or regular brown bag, just cut it through the edges and make it flat. Fold cut and tapes the paper around the present. Your quick and easy gift wrapping paper is ready.

2. Pack your bags

Are you ready for a summer vacation? Just pack a few sophisticated paper bags with handle for your trip. CarryGreen’s matte laminated paper bag has a matching macramé handles. With a reinforced cardboard bottom inside, this bag is very sturdy and perfect for your vacation needs. For a beach vacation, you can surely pack few beach towels, sunscreen and kids toys in this bag.

3. For recycled newspapers

Use a large store paper bag for recycling old newspapers, magazines, newsprints. Your recycling effort would be easy time saving.

4. Household Uses 

Easy Cleanup

When peeling vegetables, fruits or other messy jobs in the kitchen, simply cut open a brown paper bag. Spread it over your countertop. This way your kitchen countertop won’t be dirty and your clean up would be much easier. Simply throw away the used paper into the garbage once you are done.

Keep bread fresh

Your bread will stay fresh for a longer period of time if you put them in a paper bag. The crust of the bread will remain crisp and the inside of the loaf will stay soft and moist. This way you do not have to throw away old bread once they are stale.

Ripen your fruits

Many unripen fruits like bananas, papaya, mango, avocado, pears, peaches and plums will ripen fast if you place them inside a paper bag. To accelerate the ripening process of any fruit, place couple of already ripe apples in the same bag and store it at room temperature, preferably in a cold and dark place, away from sunlight.

Storing Mushrooms

Put mushrooms in paper bag inside your refrigerator to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Paper bags seem to be a sustainable option in the market now days. We should start by using more paper bags to go shopping, and reuse them again and again for a better tomorrow.


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