t’s an age-old tradition, and one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Although giving wedding favors has changed much over the past few decades, one thing remains true; you should always show those you care about that you’re thankful for the effort and time they’ve invested in your wedding. After all, your wedding day wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for your friends and family. When it comes to giving great wedding favors, we wanted to share a gift guide that we just can’t hide.

Wedding Favor Bags

Wedding favor bags make for the best gifts because they can be filled with anything of your liking. You can stuff them full of items that directly relate to your wedding as well as other stuff. The important thing is to be original. In fact, you should consider filling your bags with items that are personalized.

wedding favor bagsGift Bag Ideas

The gift bags that you give away should never be disposable. Greener is always better in terms of being environmentally-friendly, and the guests you give the re-usable gift bags to will truly love ones that they can use over and over.

Unique Wedding Ideas

Your wedding can be traditional or as unique as you want it to be, but when it comes to giving your guests wedding favor bags, make sure to do it in a way that shows them you care. You could hand them out personally, along with a nice hug, or you could even incorporate their bags into your decorations. At the end of the ceremony and reception, your guests will feel flattered that the gifts you’re giving them were an actual part of your wedding.

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