Wedding Welcome Gift Favors

Wedding Party Favors – Express Your Appreciation

The tradition of giving wedding party favors to your guests is as old as the ancient European era and fairly common among the aristocrats. Both, the bride and groom’s sides would give out bonbonnieres to their guests in appreciation of their taking the time to be present for the occasion. These mementos have evolved over the times to present-day favors that are thoughtfully chosen so they convey a special message to the recipients. Every aspect of the favor from its packaging, the message inscribed on it, and the gift itself is carefully planned to match the theme of the event.

Of course, the token is chosen according to the budget and relationships the bride and groom share with their loved ones. Should you contact online stores like the consultants will spend some time asking you a series of questions and making suggestions so you can pick out the best mementos of your wedding that your guests are sure to cherish for a good long while. Read ahead for some of the aspects you’ll explore and be surprised at the practicality of their queries.

Would You Like the Wedding Party Favors to Last Long?

Wedding party favors can be some decorative item or keepsake. But, chances are that the tokens will occupy a place on the mantelpiece or coffee table for only a short while. Over time, the gift may lose its significance and end up gathering dust in some corner. A smarter option is to offer edible favors that guests can enjoy. Choose from a selection of small boxes of treats inscribed with the wedding date and your names. These treats can include candy, nuts, cookies, mints, or gum. You could even go for boxes that contain an assortment of such items that the recipients will enjoy.

How Would You Like the Message Inscribed?

The wedding gift will no doubt carry the name of the bride and groom, the date, and possibly, a fond message. Having these details inscribed on the token can seem somewhat tacky. For instance, if you like a set of wine glasses, your guests may not want to broadcast the information about where they got them every time they entertained. To make sure that the glasses are appropriate for use on any occasion, have your names printed on the packaging. Your guests can remember you fondly when they pull out the glasses, and that should be great!

Would You Like to Match the Favors to the Wedding Theme?

You’ve probably designed the most special day of your life around a specific theme. Like, for instance, modern day brides and grooms are keenly committed to saving the planet and going green. If this is you, consider putting together a small care pack that includes basics like the map of the area, details of the events including timings and venues, candy and mints, and say, some handmade soap. Use an eco-friendly gift bag that your guests can reuse once the wedding is over.

Here’s another example. You could have a southern-themed wedding with a classic wedding dress and an elegant ballroom. Wedding party favors that match the setting would be barbecue rubs ala Louisiana or Texan jalapeño jelly. Pack small portions in mason jars with pretty ribbons so your guests can cook their own Southern dishes and remember the fun they had at your wedding.

How Many Guests Are You Expecting?

When planning for the exact number of wedding party favors you may need to give out, it could be safe to count one for each couple. Our consultants typically recommend that you order at least an extra 10 for every 100 guests. That’s because you may want to unexpectedly give special friends or family members a few added pieces. Or, you may want to hang on to a few to save as keepsakes of the wedding for yourself. Accidents happen and you may lose or damage a few so it’s good to have some extra ones handy.

Would You Like to Taste the Edible Items Before You Place an Order?

When choosing edible gifts for your wedding guests, it is always a great idea to order a batch beforehand and taste them yourself. You’ll probably have a fair view of the likes and dislikes of your guests and checking the goodies before you order them is always a smart move. At this point, you always have the option of selecting different combinations of the chocolates, nuts, and mints to suit the tastes of individual guests. Like, for instance, if you know about a niece or nephew who is allergic to nuts, you could choose items that are free of nuts completely.

Will You Be Making the Favors Yourself?

Many families follow the tradition of making edible items at home and giving them out as wedding party favors. It’s a good way to personalize the gifts and also, (Ahem!) show off your cooking skills. There is any number of possibilities for DIY favors. For instance, think homemade sauces for pasta, jams, spice mixes, s’mores kits, special coffee blends, and various others that family members have appreciated in the past. Have a pre-wedding party of the whole process by ordering mason jars with inscriptions and getting friends to help you pack the goodies and attach ribbons and cards.

Would You Prefer Personalized Favors?

Planning personalized favors for the closest members of your family could be a warm, thoughtful gesture. Think pretty travel pouches for carrying cosmetics or jewelry kits for the ladies. For the gentlemen like cousins, brothers, and that next-door buddy who you grew up with, plan for wine holders, cocktail shakers, or any other token that brings back memories of the good old days. You could even gift golf towels or other sports towels to the best friends with whom you play games every weekend.

Once you have the answers to the vital questions in place, planning your wedding party favors will be a lot easier. When discussing the gifts with our consultant, you may also come up with some great ideas you may not have thought of before. Go ahead and call us this number: 888-743-3129. We would love to help you plan the wedding.

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