It is said that if every consumer on a daily basis, starts to knowingly link their purchase to the consumption of limited resources of Earth, and takes responsibility of their own consumption of resources, we might be able to live as a supportable

Eco-fashion or alternate fashion is a part of the fashion world. Eco-fashion is a part of a larger trend where the product is manufactured and produced keeping in mind the social and environmental impact it might have all through its life cycle. This impact would be in terms of no child labor, lesser carbon footprint among other things.

At Carrygreen, we check on all the correct boxes, from manufacturing, material sourcing, labor and packaging. Carrygreen uses 100 % organic fiber like jute and naturally grown cotton in order to manufacture products in a sustainable environment. When you think of Jute and Eco-fashion, you might not think it to be a good match. But that is exactly what Carrygreen is making an attempt to change. We are trying to make the complete eco-system grow with us, both at the backend by working with the vendors and at the consumer’s end. It is easy to go green with us. Find out how at